• Start New Family Web site This is a one time event where one relative starts a family web site that all other families register into with a common family password. If someone already started a web site then use that family password and go to "Register Your Family Into An Existing Family Web site".
  • Register Your Family Into An Existing Family Web site Registering is a one time event for each individual family. Use the family password given to you to register your individual family into your family web site From then on you would sign in below at "Registered Family Sign In".
  • "Reunion Business"

    One Year Free Membership

    Organizing A Family Reunion Video

    Set up your reunion structure to register families into a single national group or into state groups.

    Web site is password protected with each family having their own site to enter & view information.

    Select and enter family members for either national and/or state officer positions.

    Family Reunion Planner Video

    Enter your family constitution and by laws online in their section for all relatives to see.

    Announcements and meeting records are organized by date and/or title for easy retrieval and viewing.

    Online registration for family reunions, tee shirts, activities & other family events.

    Family Tree & Directories Video

    Family tree can start with whatever founders desired. Family tree listed by generation & color coded for lineage.

    Reunion founders section to always honor those who started your family reunion.

    General, state, hobby/ interest, occupation/ expertise and business directories with family photo and individual names.

    Family Reunion Activities Video

    Eliminate the need for and paper forms by creating your own forms online for family members to complete online then graded by commitee online with the results available like all records on each families website.


    Online games designed to encourage family communication throughout the year.

    Family history section with separate question and answer section that all family members can submit to or test online or in print.

    Financial Information Video

    Twelve financial reports, family collection history, account balances, money spent records, etc.

    Paid in full lists for any collections made such as hotel fees, transportation, reunion activities, etc.

    Event costs totals broken down by item quantities used & left over including a profit & loss statement.

    General Information Video

    Total family size broken down by the number of families, adults & children

    State family totals by the number of families, adults & children.

    Reunion attendance totals by number of adults, children & guests.


    Family Reunions

    "Reunion Business" is an inexpensive easy to use yet powerful online program especially designed for family reunions, family trees and directories. It simplifies and organizes all family business including meeting records, financial information, photo directories, registrations, family history and much more. Paper records and off line computer programs can't meet the needs of this and future family generations. "Reunion Business" was developed in 2009 and has been helping families organize ever since.

    You will save time, money and headaches for only pennies per family. Start your family site today and get a family password to give to your entire family tree to register individually into your family site. If you only need an online family tree and directory version, your entire unlimited family is only $10.00 per year. If you would like to receive the numerous benefits of the entire reunion program the total cost is only $50.00 per year for everyone. Your FIRST YEAR IS FREE so start your family web site now. You and your relatives will be happy you did.